Empower Magick

Empower HUD

Bring some Magick to your Second Life! (TM)

Cast cool spells on your friends!

Protect yourself and those you care about from harm!

Cast powerful combat spells!

Empower Magick makes it all easy.

What our customers say about their Empower HUD:
“Empower beats them all” – Jural Thor
“Nothing compares to the Empower HUD” – Owen Kiranov
“I only use the Empower, nothing comes close” – Harmony Champagne
“Empower is still hands down my favourite” – Minniver Endsleigh

The only HUD you need to wear, replacing your flight assist, radar, hugger, AVTracker, TP DeluxeWandsInBox“poofer”, NPV etc.

Select from our Visual, Combat, Assist or Travel packs to get just the abilities you need, or purchase the Deluxe pack which has all the features of the individual packs, plus some, at a discounted price.

For more information on the Empower Magick range, including the full user guide and a video of the HUD in action, please read on.

The Empower Magick HUD delivers the following features:

  • Sim wide radar and spell casting without requiring scanners
  • Range of pre-configured settings suitable for dragons, fae, vampires
  • Fully customisable
  • Teleport effects
  • Skins
  • Online status tracker
  • Hide when not in use
  • Cast on objects, avatars or groups
  • Cast using your camera, or select from a menu of avatars or objects in the sim
  • Group your favourite spells in one place for easy access on the Favourites tab
  • Optional text commands
  • Free updates to ensure your HUD stays current
  • Scripted using a combination of Mono and LSL for improved speed and low lag
  • The perfect HUD for roleplay sim owners, as the owner of the sim has extra power over other Empower users on their land
  • Ability to restrict, stun or dispell the spells of other Empower users when on land you own
  • Support for the Empower series of wands and staffs, or use your own
  • Optional Mana facility for roleplay purposes
  • Built in Dash, Flight Assist and MoveLock (all packs except Visual)

With the Deluxe and Travel packs:

  • Ability to teleport to avatars anywhere in the sim, or send a portal to bring them to you
  • A variety of fast personal teleporters, which will take you and other passengers across sim boundaries and up to 4096m height
  • Enchanted vehicles and SkyWalk capability to allow you to travel in style and make an appearance when you arrive

With the Deluxe and Combat packs:

  • Enchanted weaponry with auto-retaliate, configurable firing sounds, animations and particle effects (Combat pack)
  • Compatibility with the following combat systems: Linden (Damage enabled land), DCS2, Safezone, Gorean Meter, Metalife and Spell Fire

With the Deluxe and Assist packs:

  • Fall protect, to catch you and those near you if you fall
  • Built in hugger, undeformer and avatar/object locator

With the Deluxe and Visual packs:

  • A variety of visual spells and weather effects. Conjure up a thunder storm, or summon butterflies

Each Empower Magick pack contains the following:

  • An easy to use HUD which provides spell selection at the click of a button and target selection from a dialog menu
  • A selection of the spells which are available for the Empower v5 HUD (see below)
  • Enchanted rings, wand and particle relays to accompany your spell casting with particle effects
  • A script which will make your existing modifiable attachments generate particles when you cast spells
  • A quick start notecard
  • An updater which allows you to add the spells in the pack to an existing Empower v5 HUD from another spell pack
  • (Deluxe, Assist, Combat only) A transferable Land Spell relay which, if rezzed by the land owner, will allow you to cast land spells (unsit/eject/sendhome/addban/delban) on group owned land or land which you do not own

Click here to see all spells in the Empower Magick range, all of which are included in the Deluxe pack.

Please click here to contact us for any queries.

The Empower Magick HUD in action!