Empower Update – v5 Rev 2013062301

Empower Update v5 Deluxe rev 2013062301 Release Notes

The release of this update coincides with the release of our new Second Life multi-species role playing HUD, Empower Immortals, details of which can be found at

Empower Immortals is a separate system to Empower Magick and is available for sale at the Immortals Store as either a separate HUD or a module you can load into your Empower Magick HUD if you wish.

Now, on to the changes in this version:
– A new spell on the Nature tab – Flora – Summons nature’s bounty around the specified target (particle plants and flowers)
– A new spell on the Attack tab – Wyvern – Summons a Wyvern (two legged dragon) to attack the specified target
– The “Mana On/Off” option changes to Meter: Off / Mana (to accommodate Immortals, which adds a third option)
– The particle relays that the HUD gives you are now named “With Meter” and “No Meter” instead of “With Mana” and “No Mana”. Other than the name, they have not changed, so feel free to continue using the ones you have
– The spell target dialog now lists avatars nearest to farthest (used to be the other way around)
– Resolved an issue which caused the nearest avatar on radar to have their distance not displayed in sims with a lot of UTF-8 display names
– Radar now shows distance to two decimal places of precision for anyone closer than 2m
– Radar moved to the left to prevent longer names overlapping the HUD
– Resolved an issue which could cause the radar to crash in very full sims
– Added TPFX and Presets for Petite/Tiny avatars
– TPFX are now all phantom and will not squash/bump/throw avatars on arrival
– The Aura spell now generates a prim effect around the target and provides colour change options
– Boosted flight speed is now maintained when you add up/dn to your boosted movement
– Removed client radar integration to save memory as it is no longer necessary and causes issues with some viewers
– Fixed incorrect message when previewing TPFX with Stealth checkbox ticked
– The HUD background now extends down behind the meter area to make the meter easier to read. This is particularly important if you load the separate Immortals module into your Empower Magick HUD
– Renamed [CHANGE] option to [HIDE] at the top left of the HUD
– Added a new TBA tab to allow future functionality to be loaded into the Empower HUD in addition to Immortals
– The AstralTravel spell now echoes back to you what you send on /88 so that you have a full record of your remote conversations
– Fixed a bug with messages on the Warp portal type when used with RezMapTP
– Changed the updater to a standard prim so that it rezzes faster
– Allow sounds, animations, notecards, landmarks and textures to be added through Utility->AddObject
– Dash is disabled when left mouse button is held down, to allow for Melee fighting with other HUDs, such as Immortals
– Fixed bug with being stunned then disarmed which resulted in you being locked in place when you reattach your HUD
– Abbreviated Mana display when HUD is in “HIDE” mode
– Fixed “Shock” mode (was not working due to changes in SL Physics)

If you want a low lag place to apply your update, you are welcome to pop over to my sim – Smallhaven (find it on your map) to apply your update.

If you apply the update and find some buttons/functions on the HUD are greyed out or missing, TP to Smallhaven and try applying it again.


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