Empower Update – v5 Rev 2013102401

Empower Update v5 Deluxe rev 2013102401 Instructions

Greetings and welcome to the latest update for your Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD!  Please read this notecard in its entirety.

Those of you with Immortals functionality loaded into your Empower Magick HUD will receive two updates.  One for the base HUD and one for the Immortals functions.  You must apply them both.  Until you do, your HUD may behave strangely.

This is a mandatory update.  HUDs without this update applied may be disabled by December 2013

Changes in this version:
1) HUD Changes
– The Teleport spells have been moved onto their own TP tab to make room for the extra vehicles on the Travel tab
– Improvements to allow support staff to assist with issues

2) New Spells on the Travel tab
– DgnRider – Summons a Wyvern (two legged dragon) to carry you or the specified target and up to two passengers.  Say “dracarys” in local chat for the Wyvern to attack the nearest target in front of them with dragonfire
– Bubble – Summons an enchanted bubble to transport the specified target

3) Updated spells
– More realistic (mesh) hornets in the Hornet spell on the Attack tab
– Changed Scry appearance to a more demonic look
– All vehicles will now take commands from the target as well as the caster (e.g. typing co-ords in local chat in the format <x,y,z>)
– Reduced scripts and memory usage in several vehicles as a result of new features in the LSL scripting language
– New Wyvern mesh with slightly lower land impact, to match DgnRider.  This will allow for more improvements in future

Please read the Update Instructions below before applying the update.  It will take 10-20 minutes to apply, depending on lag in your sim.

If you want a low lag place to apply your update, you are welcome to pop over to our sim – Smallhaven (find it on your map) to apply your update.

If you apply the update and find some buttons/functions on the HUD are greyed out or missing, TP to Smallhaven and try applying it again.


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