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Wand Documentation

Welcome to the new range of Empower Magick Wands – brought to you by the Empower Magick team and compatible with the Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD, v4.0 or greater.

Simply wear the wand of your choice, the sheath of your choice (optional) and either the Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD, or the Wand HUD.
If you wear the Wand HUD, you may wish to edit its location on your screen by right clicking, selecting Edit from the pie menu, then using the arrows to move it in to place.

To configure your Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD to use the wand, click on the Settings button (tools icon) on the top panel next to the STOP button and select Wand/Staff and either LeftHand or RightHand as appropriate.

The wand can be drawn or sheathed by clicking on the wand or sheathe, or using the Draw and Sheathe buttons on the Wand HUD or the Wand tab of the Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD, or typing “/5 wand draw” or “/5 wand sheathe” in local chat.

To customise your wand, simply click the down arrows on the far left of the Wand HUD to display the full HUD menu, or use the Wand tab of the Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD.

You can then click the checkbox for the parts of the wand you wish to change (Handle, Shaft, Inlay, Setting, Tip or Particles) and use the buttons below to customise that section of the wand.  Don’t forget the “Invisible” button at the bottom of the colour list, as this allows you to hide components of the wand.  Hiding the tip, the handle, or the inlay can create interesting effects on some of the wands.

Should you be unable to achieve precisely the effect you want by using the customisation options in the Wand HUD, all wands are fully modifiable, so you can simply texture them to your liking.

The Empower Wands contain additional particle effects on top of those provided by the Empower HUD itself.  These are customisable by ticking the Particles checkbox on the Wand HUD and selecting either a Jewel or a colour.

You can also enable or disable the additional effects by ticking/unticking checkboxes in the bottom right corner of the Wand HUD.
To disable the idle effect (sparks “drip” from the end of the wand) untick the “Idle” checkbox.
To disable the casting “burst” effect, untick the “Casting” checkbox.

If you wish to use the Mana features of the Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD, tick the Mana checkbox on the wand tab of the Empower HUD.

Your wands also come with an attractive display case which you can rez to show off your wands.  The box is modifiable, should you wish to reduce its prim count and can be opened and closed by any avatar who clicks on it.

For a range of other wands, including sheath and Wand config HUD, please visit our main store at or on the SL Marketplace.

I hope you enjoy your new Empower Wand!