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Contact Us

Got a question that you can’t find the answer to on this website after checking out the Frequently Asked Questions?

Raise a bug report, support request or feature request by clicking here.

This is the fastest way to get a response, as your question will be visible to the community of Empower Magick users and Empower Adepts as well as getting attention from us when we’re not in-world.

Alternately, you can contact our support team using any of the following methods:

We will endeavour to respond to your query within 24 hours max regardless of how it is raised.  If you haven’t received a response within 24 hours, please follow up, as IMs, notecards and even emails can get lost in transmission.

If you would like to remain up to date on new releases of the HUD, wands, staffs or spells, including future upgrades and freebies, please join the Empower Magick group in-world. An invite should have been sent to you when you unpacked your HUD.  If not, you can contact me on one of the above methods to request an invite, however logging a request in Mantis will get you the fastest response.

If you purchased your HUD through one of our vendors in-world and need to request redelivery, teleport to our main store and use the redelivery terminal you will find located there: