Empower Update – v5 Rev 2014122801

Empower Update v5 Deluxe rev 2014122801 Instructions

Happy New Yearish, Empowered Folk, and welcome to this year’s update for your Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD!  We’ve been working hard to bring you some great new functionality.  Please read this notecard in its entirety before applying your update, and enjoy the new features!

– If you’re already using a combined Empower Magick + Immortals HUD, you can just load this update onto your combined HUD
– If you add Immortals to a standard Empower Magick HUD after applying this update, you’ll need to obtain a new Immortals loader as follows:
– TP to the main store in Smallhaven
– Request redelivery of the latest Immortals pack using either the Redelivery sign at the top of the stairs, or the redelivery function in any Immortals vendor.

Changes in this version:
1) HUD Changes
– The HUD now includes a texture Preloader which you can wear to ensure that spells and their FX appear faster.  If Options->ChkRelay is ticked, the HUD will check whether you are wearing a preloader and offer you one if you are not
– FIxed problem with SpellBuoy not appearing when set to Visible

– Underground animations increased in priority to reduce instances of avatar appearing during TPFX before the effect intends them to
– New TPFX and Presets added under Options->TPFX:
– Fountain – Appear in a geyser of water – perfect for water elementals
– Transport – Appear in a swirling burst of particles, “beam me up” style
– DkTransport – Dark version of Transport TPFX
– SmTransp – Petite version of Transport TPFX
– SmDkTransp – Petite version of DkTransport TPFX
– Zap – Appear in a bolt of lightning
Go to Options->TPFX->Presets and try one of the new ones!

3) Updated spells
– Fixed Assist->Heal spell so that it does not freeze at ground level when cast on no-script land above the no-script height limit
– Fixed Attack->Exile to avoid grey goo fence introduced in recent sim updates, and increase effectiveness on irregular ground or inside non-sit shields/buildings
– Increased animation priority on Vanish spell to reduce chances of AOs overriding the spell

4) New Spells
Assist tab:
– AreaHeal – Perform SpellFire healing on all within 10m.  Heal amount controlled by HUD Damage setting
New Element tab, containing elemental themed attacks:
– Barrage – Summon boulders to circle the caster, firing forward (does damage if combat is enabled)
– BlackHole – Summon a black hole in front of the specified target, pulling in all avatars within 50m (does damage if combat is enabled)
– Crush – Raise two moving walls of rock on either side of the specified target, to crush them (does damage if combat is enabled)
– EarthWall – Summon a wall of earth in front of the caster (does damage if combat is enabled)
– Explode – The caster bursts into flame, damaging and pushing back nearby avatars (does damage if combat is enabled)
– FireBlast – Flamethrower style flames issue from the mages hands/staff/wand (does damage if combat is enabled)
– FireWall – Summon a wall of flame in front of the caster (does damage if combat is enabled)
– Juggernaut – Raise a wall of rock which moves away from the caster (does damage if combat is enabled)
– LightBlast – Glowing white light issues from the mage’s hands/staff/wand (does damage if combat is enabled)
– LightBurst – A burst of light damages and pushes back those around the mage (does damage if combat is enabled)
– LightPulse – A pulse of light damages and pushes back those in front of the mage (does damage if combat is enabled)
– Quake – Punch the ground, causing a quake which pushes and damages those within 20m (does damage if combat is enabled)

5) New/updated ammo available under Options->Weaponry->Presets
– Boulder (new)
– Light (new – fire a glowing ball of light – uses glow particles)
– Airball (improved FX)
– Dark (improved FX)
– Fireball (improved FX)
– Waterball (improved FX)
– Boom preset added (Boom ammo existed in previous versions, but had no Preset)
Go to Options->Weaponry->Presets and try the new ones out to see if they’re for you.

Please read the Update Instructions below before applying the update.  It will take 10-20 minutes to apply, depending on lag in your sim.

If you want a low lag place to apply your update, you are welcome to pop over to our sim – Smallhaven (find it on your map) to apply your update.

If you apply the update and find some buttons/functions on the HUD are greyed out or missing, TP to Smallhaven and try applying it again.


I suggest making a copy of your existing HUD before updating.  Locate your HUD in inventory, right click and detach, then right click and Copy, right click and Paste.  Rename one of the copies to “Empower HUD v5 Backup” and wear the other copy.

The updater will appear in your Objects folder.  Please locate it, rez it on the ground or wear it if you are in “no build” land, make sure you are wearing your Empower Magick HUD and then left click the Updater to activate it.

If you are applying multiple updaters to bring your HUD up to a current version, please wait for each update to fully complete before commencing the next update.

Your HUD will become transparent during the update.  It is important that you do not detach it until you receive the message:
“Empowerment complete.  Empower v5 HUD is now active.”

If you have multiple copies of your HUD, you will need to apply the update to each.  I recommend keeping only one copy of your HUD (and a backup) to simplify updates.

You may need to reposition your HUD after update, due to the change in its shape.  You can do this by right clicking the HUD, selecting “Edit” then using the red and green movement arrows to reposition it on your screen.  The HUD will remember where you position it, unless you attach it to a different attachment point, in which case it will reset itself to a default location at the top right of your screen.

Once the update is complete, please wait 10 seconds (long enough for all the messages produced during the update to disappear from your screen), detach your HUD, wait 30 seconds more, then reattach it.  The waits are to ensure SL “saves” the changes.

During the update, DO NOT walk away from the updater, DO NOT teleport, DO NOT log off and DO NOT cross sim boundaries until the update is complete or YOU MAY DESTROY YOUR HUD.
Ensure you are on land where your objects will not get returned to you.  If the updater returns during the update YOU MAY DESTROY YOUR HUD
Ensure you are on land where you can run scripts.  If on group land, activate the correct group BEFORE wearing the HUD and rezzing the updater, or the updater won’t run
Should your update fail for any reason, including the above, simply detach and reattach your HUD.  The HUD will recover from the failed update, but you should, as quickly as possible, remedy the problem which caused the update to fail, then re-apply the update, as the HUD may do strange things with half an update applied.

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