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Wand Information

Want to spice up your spellcasting?  Add some additional “oomph”?  If you have an Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD (v4 or greater), The Empower Magick range of wands are for you!

NOTE that these wands do not contain any spells themselves – they are designed to work with the Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD, however they can be drawn and sheathed without the HUD and will work as any other non-scripted attachment would, should you wish to use them with another spell system.

When used with the Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD, the wands act as the source of spellcasting particles and have additional particle effects.  Sparks drip from the wand when it is idle and there is an additional flare of power at the wand tip when spells are cast.  You can, of course, choose to disable the additional particle effects if you wish and the wands will simply relay the Empower HUD’s particle effects.

There are multiple styles of wand available, including:
Slender (L$750) – A conventional straight wand, with or without gold inlay and jewel tip
Sculpted (L$750) – Polished natural looking shaft, with gold or jewel inlays, for when you want a “nature” theme
Sceptre (L$750) – Large and dark looking, or golden and bejewelled – your choice!
Spiral Sceptre (L$750) – Ornate and affluent, for spellcasting with style!  Choose the jewels, shaft and handle that match your look, be it dark or light
Faery Star (L$500) – The traditional “fairy” style of wand – straight shaft with or without inlay, with a golden star at the tip
Magician’s Wand (L$300) – A plain black and white (or any colour you choose) style wand
Deluxe Pack (L$2850) – All the above wand styles at a 25% discount

Each wand style comes with the following:
– Several pre-configured wand “looks” which you can customise as you wish, using the HUD provided or directly, as all wands are modifiable
– A wand HUD to simplify drawing and sheathing your wand and configuring it to achieve precisely the look you are after
– Two styles of sheathe – wooden and silver – both of which are modifiable, should you wish to adjust them to your own tastes
– A wooden display case for showing off your new purchase.  It displays the default wand types and is also modifiable, should you wish

If you have any questions prior to purchase, please IM Blackdog Ashbourne.