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Instructions for specific spells


The Shield spell works by surrounding you with a glowing shell.  This provides you with protection against most physical objects and limited protection from pushes.  For FULL protection, you need to left click on the shield, or right click and select “Sit Here”.  Once “sitting” in the shield this way, you are non-physical and immune from pushes or damage from collision based combat systems, including Linden damage enabled land, DCS and most Spell Fire and MetaLife attacks.  You can also move through objects and other avatars, but note that if you are in a Push enabled area and have the Repel feature on (it is on by default) you will push other avatars and physical objects away when you collide with them.

The shield provides the following options;

  • Left Click the shield (or right click and select “Sit”) for full protection
  • Use the cursor keys and PgUp/PgDn to move when sitting on the shield.  Tap the keys multiple times to move faster.  The shield will allow you to move up to 55m outside the sim – below the ground, above the max height of 4096m, or into the “void” outside an unattached sim.  When moving across the border of an attached sim, the shield will slow your movement to allow a safe region crossing.  If you wish to move into another sim without actually cross into it, first go underground, above 4096m or out into the sim void
  • When you sit on the shield, the HUD will switch to the Shield tab, which contains the following options:
    • Colour – set the shield colour (doesn’t take effect until next time you cast)
    • Phantom – when ticked, the shield will be phantom before you sit on it, disabling the basic protection provided before you sit, but allowing you to walk easily without sitting in the shield
    • Show – tick to make the shield visible (the default)/untick to make the shield transparent (invisible)
    • Bounce takes you up to 4000m, out of harm’s way.  The button will be highlighted in green when active.  Click again to return.
    • AutoFly – when ticked, you will “fly” when not on the ground.  Untick to “walk” in skyboxes.
    • SayHits – when ticked, the shield will report the name and owner of any objects that collide with it
    • Retaliate – when ticked, the shield will retaliate by firing back at objects or avatars which collide with it
    • Repel – when ticked, the shield will push away avatars/objects which collide with it when in Push enabled areas
    • Cleanse will execute a series of action which will remove many followers from you by sending them off-sim or making them unable to find you
    • Offset –  places you 20m behind your apparent location – good for avoiding followers
    • Phase – puts the shield 55m above you and uses an animation to separate your avatar from your agent’s position, which deflects some targetted spells and attacks and leaves you in place to communicate
    • Follow – positions you behind the selected avatar.  You can continue to move and your relative position from the avatar you are following will be maintained as they move.
    • Reflect – follows the specified avatar, using an animation to separate your avatar from your agent’s position, causing spells or other items following you to be reflected on to the other avatar.  Moving will result in the reflect point moving also, which can be useful if the reflect target is using an animation or other method to separate themselves from their shield/NPV
    • NoFollow – disables Follow or Reflect mode
    • Accel – when ticked, the shield will accelerate the longer you hold down the movement keys
    • Speed – click to set shield movement speed – default is 5
    • The buttons following the Anim: label determine the animations used when walking.  The selected animation will be highlighted in green
  • When you cast the shield on another avatar, they will be presented with a dialog based menu providing controls similar to the above, with the following notes:
    • The dialog menu provides one extra option – Quit – which will allow them to exit the shield so that it does not “cage” them
    • The dialog text will describe current shield settings and the button names will toggle as settings are turned on/off (e.g. RepelOn/RepelOff)
    • You can access their dialog based shield menu by left clicking on the shield you have cast on them.
    • If they lose their dialog menu, they can initiate it by left clicking on the shield for another, or shouting “menu” in chat or on channel 99 (e.g. /99 menu [Ctrl-Enter]).
    • They can initiate a limited Follow or Reflect capability by typing “/99 follow FIRST LAST” where FIRST and LAST are parts of the avatar’s name, or “/99 follow KEY” where KEY is the UUID of the avatar they wish to follow.  Similar for “/99 reflect …”
    • The Phantom, Accel and Speed options are not available on the dialog menu
  • The shield will relay what is said near it in Offset mode, but you may need to shout on channel 99 (e.g. /99 hello [Ctrl-Enter]) to be heard as you are 15m away from where you appear to be.  Check your radar to see your distance from other avatars.  If 20m or above, they may not be able to hear you if you talk normally
  • Most spells on the HUD will not work whilst you are in Phase mode, as SL considers you to be 50m away from the HUD.  You can however shout text commands (e.g. /5 blast blackdog [Ctrl-Enter]) to cast spells
  • When you dispell the Shield or click the DISPELL button on the HUD, the shield will prompt to confirm you wish to dispell it.  This is to prevent you accidentally dispelling the shield and leaving you unprotected when you mean to dispell other spells you’ve cast
  • To dispell the shield from yourself without being prompted, click “Both” under the DISPELL button on the HUD and then select the “Shield Me” button on the Shield tab
  • The shield is able to travel through Empower portals (see below) when you are sitting in it.  To activate the portal, move your shield, with you sitting in it, within 10m of the portal then left click the portal to travel through


  • Drag landmarks onto the HUD for use by the “Teleport”, “MapTP”, “RezMapTP” and “JumpDest” spells in the Travel tab or use the AddTPDest button
  • If you have several destinations in the same parcel/sim and you wish to name them, invoke AddTPDest from local chat.  e.g. “/5 addtpdest Caves”
  • Choose from several different teleporter presets, or “roll your own”, using the “TPConfig” button on the Travel tab
  • The TPType you choose will be used by the “Teleport”, “SendTP”, “GroundTP”, “FwdTP”, “HeightTP”, “RezMapTP”, “Join” and “Invite” spells
  • The “Teleport” spell will take you between sims up to 1024m away (4 – 5 sims) and will only display stored destinations reachable within that distance
  • The “SendTP” spell allows you to send a “Teleport” spell to another avatar/spell target, opening a portal for them
  • The “RezMapTP” spell will rez a teleporter which allows others to teleport to one of your destinations via the map – useful for when you want to take others to a distant destination.  This teleporter requires the travellers to left click to receive the map, rather than sitting as for the other teleport spells
  • Avoid the destination selection menu on the teleport spells by using a text command.  e.g. “/5 tp enterprise” or “/5 jumpdest home”
  • HeightTP will take you to a height of 4000m if invoked from the HUD.  You can specify a height to go to by using a text command.  e.g. “/5 heighttp 2000″
  • Use DelTPDest from the Travel tab to delete unwanted landmarks and destinations from the HUD
  • To take others with you using the teleporters, have them click/sit first
  • There are two types of teleporters:
    • Multi-person “circle” teleporters – Dark, Fae, Mushroom, Skulls, Sigil, Dark Sigil
      • These teleporters take multiple people together and activate once the spell caster sits on them
      • To take others with you using these teleporters, have them click/sit first
      • To send others without going yourself, type “go” in Local Chat after they are all sitting
    • One-at-a-time “portal” teleporters – BigCrystal, Crystal, Portal, DarkPortal, FirePortal, MerPortal, Mirror, Rift,Trilithon, Vortex, Warp
      • These teleporters take people through them one at a time and automatically close when the spell caster goes through
      • To send others without travelling yourself, have them go through the portal, then dispell with the DISPELL button once all have gone through
      • These teleporters can also be configured as Permanent Portals by clicking the PermTP checkbox on the Travel tab before casting
      • A permanent portal will not dispell but can be closed by using the ClosePortal command on the Travel tab when you are within 10m of the permanent portal
      • Portals can also be configured to generate a presence at their destination (and EndPoint) by ticking the “EndPoint” box on the Travel tab
      • A portal cast with both PermTP and EndPoint enabled will be a two way portal, allowing people to travel back to the origin from the endpoint.  In all other cases, the portal is one way, to avoid unintentional travel.  If people attempt to use the endpoint of a one way portal, they will receive a message informing them that it is an endpoint and they cannot travel through it
      • Portals allow Empower Vehicles to travel through them when the vehicle collides with the portal
      • The Empower Magick Extras box which comes with your HUD contains scripts which you can add to your own vehicles (if they have Modify permission) to allow them to travel through Empower Portals


  • JumpDest can be used to take you to a stored destination using physics instead of rezzing a teleporter or using the map
  • Particularly useful when on “no build” land where you cannot rez a teleporter
  • Beware of using this on Linden Damage enabled land, as the force it uses can kill you (death by JumpDest)
  • JumpDest can be invoked via a text command to jump by coordinates or to jump to a specified height

    • /5 JumpDest 5000                  Jump up to 5000m height (JumpDest is not limited to a height of 4096m)
    • /5 JumpDest 128 128 20         Jump to coordinates
    • /5 JumpDest <128,128,20>    Jump to coordinates
    • /5 JumpDest Home                 Jump to a destination stored in the HUD, named “Home”
  • You can only jump within the sim.  The jump will damp to sim boundary with a message if you try to jump across sim boundaries
  • If you get “stuck” by jumping through “no script” land, detach the HUD, move to where scripts are enabled and reattach


  • Use the camera controls to move your camera to your desired destination
  • Remember, you will go to the point the camera is looking “out’ from, not to what it is looking at
  • Zoom in close on your destination if you are unsure
  • Once positioned, click “JumpCam” on the HUD, or invoke using a text command (e.g. /5 JumpCam)
  • You can only jump within the sim. The jump will damp to sim boundary with a message if you try to jump across sim boundaries
  • Beware of using this on Linden Damage enabled land, as the force it uses can kill you (death by JumpCam)


  • Will catch falling avatars (lag permitting)
  • Touch the platform to cycle through textures (SigilCircle -> Dark SigilCircle -> Purple SigilCircle -> Mer SigilCircle -> Dragon SigilCircle -> Wooden planks -> Builder’s platform -> Grass -> Empower logo -> Dark Empower logo)
  • Your theme will determine where in the above selections the platform starts by default (e.g. Dark SigilCircle for the Dark theme)

Trap Spells: Banish and Shrink

  • These are “trap” spells and rely on the target accidentally clicking on the invisible shell which it casts around them
  • Once they do, BANISH will teleport them 100m away.  SHRINK will deform parts of their avatar, reducing them in size
  • SHRINK can be reversed using the HEAL spell on the Assist tab
  • SHRINK will also prompt the target for animation permissions.  In some cases, the target will accept.  If they do not, it still functions as a “trap” spell, waiting for them to click on it

Vehicles: Bubble, Carpet, Cloud, Cushion, DgnRider and Dolphin spells

  • You must sit before any passengers do (the Bubble and Cushion can not take passengers)
  • Use your normal movement keys to pilot the vehicle
  • The cloud spell has a darker appearance, with lightning flashes when the Dark theme is active (Options->Settings->Themes->Dark)
  • Type co-ordinates you want to move to in text chat for a fast teleport (e.g. <72, 49, 601>)
  • Double or triple tap keys to move faster (as for flight assist)
  • Click the vehicle to switch to “Phantom” mode, which allows you to pass through solid objects and makes you immune to attack
  • The vehicles can travel through Empower Portals.  See Teleporters above for details
  • The DgnRider vehicle can attack those up to around 8m in front of you if you type “dracarys” in nearby chat

Flight Assist

  • Allows you to fly higher and faster than you otherwise could in SL.  Similar to a “flight feather” but with greater control
  • Enable or disable from the Options tab (Flight checkbox, Particles checkbox, Speed button)
  • If you double or triple tap the direction you want to fly in, you will speed up by a factor of 10 for each tap
  • Disable other flight assist devices when using Empower flight assist so they do not interfere with each other
  • Spellcasting particles may appear if you are wearing the particle relay.  You can disable these from the Options tab by unticking the “Particles” checkbox next to the “Flight” checkbox
  • Default speed can be adjusted by clicking the Speed button on the Options tab, however you should not need this unless you are using a particularly small or large avatar


  • Triple tap the forward key (Cursor Up) to dash, or hold down the forward key (Cursor Up) and tap the backward key (Cursor Down).  Disable this feature from the Options tab if it interferes with your normal movement
  • The Dash can also be activated in a one-off fashion by clicking the Dash button on the Travel tab.  Your next movement will be a dash
  • Spellcasting particles may appear if you are wearing the particle relay.  You can disable these from the Options tab

Fall Protect

  • Conjures a floating cloud underneath you if you start to fall
  • The clouds will auto-dispell when you move/teleport off them, or you can get rid of them with the DISPELL button
  • Can be disabled from the left page if it interferes with a desire to fall (e.g. skydiving)
  • Choose between Light and Dark fall protect clouds by changing themes – click Options->Themes to select your theme


When in mouselook mode with the Weapons checkbox ticked on the left page, will fire an enchanted object
The Weaponry button on the Options tab gives you a screen which allows you to configure the following:

  • “Presets” lets you select pre-configured weaponry combinations
  • The “Enabled” checkbox mirrors the “Weapons” checkbox on the left page.  If unticked, mouselook weaponry is disabled.  This may be necessary when using other weapons or if your avatar provides weaponry.  An alternative to disabling weaponry is to select the “Invisible”preset or ammo type to give your existing weaponry a “boost”
  • The “Push” checkbox configures whether your ammunition performs an extra push on impact.  Only works on push enabled parcels (check About Land->Options->No Pushing)
  • “Ammo” lets you select the ammunition type
  • “Firespeed” reports the speed at which your ammunition is fired and can be adjusted using -10 +10 -100 +100 buttons.  Note that if firing at objects which register damage by collisions, your firing speed may determine the amount of damage done
  • “Sound” and “Animation” checkboxes determine whether sounds and animations accompany your firing – the Select button next to them lets you choose which sounds/animations
  • “EffectTime” controls how long animations, sounds and particles last when you fire your mouselook weaponry and can be adjusted using the -1 and +1 buttons
  • The “Particles” section controls how particles are used by your mouselook weaponry:
    • Tick the “Firing” checkbox to enable spell casting particles to be generated when you fire (if you wear the Particle Relay)
    • Tick the “Impact” checkbox to enable collision particles when your ammunition hits an object/land
  • The “Preview” button fires a single shot so that you can see how your effects look
  • Experiment with combinations of animations and sounds for a unique weaponry look for your avatar

Combat system compatibility

The weaponry in the HUD and certain spells are compatible with the following combat systems:

  • Linden    (Damage enabled land)
  • DCS2 (also works with WARPS and CCS, but may not be legal to use, depending on the sim’s rules)
  • Gorean Meter
  • Safezone
  • MetaLife
  • Spell Fire

The HUD will auto-detect which system is in use based on land settings and messages transmitted when you are hit by weaponry and automatically switch combat system compatibility to match the system in use (except for DCS which cannot be autodetected as it is a simple collision based system).

This can be problematic when multiple systems are in use.  There are entries in the Settings menu and in Options->Combat->Presets to turn Autodetection on/off and to select specific combat system combinations if Autodetection does not get the desired result.

To customise your combat system settings, click the Combat button from the Options tab.  There is an “Auto” checkbox which you can untick to turn off combat system autodetection and a series of buttons for the available combat system.  Click the button for the system you wish to use.

You can also configure the HUD to automatically retaliate (fire back at your attacker) when you are hit by an object by ticking the “Retaliate” checkbox.

By default, the weaponry is set to be Balanced, which introduces a firing delay proportional to the combat system damage.  This can be disabled by unticking the Balanced checkbox

NOTE that for certain combat systems, to be a legal weapon, you must have a delay built in between shots.  The entries in the Settings menu ensure compatibility with this, however it is possible to bypass this using the manual settings in the Combat menu.  If you manually configure your combat system compatibility, please be aware of and comply with any need for a delay between shots based on the size of the weapon in use.  Complaints about Empower weaponry being used in an invalid manner during combat MAY RESULT IN YOUR HUD BEING DISABLED if they are substantiated as a griefing act and may also result in an Abuse Report being filed with the Lindens.  Please take care if you are using options outside those provided in the Settings menu.

The following spells will behave as shown when Combat System compatibility is enabled:

Spell Combat System Description
Blast All Inflicts as much damage as possible under the combat system in use.  May result in “instant death”
Burn All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Carnage All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Detonate All Inflicts damage on all avatars within a 10m radius of the target
Fireball All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Fury All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Hellfire All Sim-wide spell – inflicts damage when fireballs hit a target
Hornet All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Judgment All The demons which issue from the portal will each target a nearby avatar, doing damage when they reach the target
L’ningBall All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Shield All Inflicts damage when an avatar collides with the field
Smite All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Smother All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Spider All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Tornado All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
VampBat All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Waterball All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Wraith All Inflicts ongoing damage, can quickly “Kill” under certain combat systems
Zap All Inflicts as much damage as possible under the combat system in use. May result in “instant death”
Protect All Inflicts damage when an avatar collides with the field
Ward All Inflicts damage when an avatar collides with the field
Air Spell Fire only Increase the air parameter on the target, allowing them to breathe underwater
Bless Spell Fire only Increases stamina and health of all nearby avatars
Energise Spell Fire only Increases stamina of the target
Love Spell Fire only Increases stamina and health of all nearby avatars
Peace Spell Fire only Increases stamina of the target
Heal Spell Fire only Resurrects the target then increases their stamina and health
Resurrect Spell Fire only Resurrects the target only

Note that any or all spells may be considered an invalid form of combat depending on the roleplay and combat system in use and the rules of the sim or combat area you are in.  Please comply with the requirements of the combat you are in and do not abuse the HUD.  I have no wish for it to gain a reputation as a griefing tool and I WILL DISABLE YOUR HUD MYSELF with no refund if I recieve substantiated complaints.  You may also be the subject of an Abuse Report to the Lindens if you use weaponry or spells inappropriately, so please take care with your spellcasting.

Hit Detection

The HUD will report any collisions with scripted or physical objects and notify you of the object name and owner (if possible).

You can disable Hit Detection by clicking the Options tab and unticking the “Hit Detect” checkbox.

By default, Hit Detection will not report collisions with objects you own.  To change this, use the msglevel variable described here


  • Jump (Page Up) to go higher, crouch (Page Down) to go lower
  • Be careful when you are around other avatars.  Your powerful presence may push them through the platform on which they are standing


  • Will prompt to track your camera when cast.  Accept if you wish to manifest your astral body, decline if you wish to have no visible presence
  • Your movement keys will move your astral presence, or you can move it by using camera controls
  • Your Astral Body, if manifested as above, will relay chat spoken near it.  To speak through your astral body, speak on channel 88 (e.g. /88 I am not really here)
  • Control the colours of the Astral Body particles by selecting an appropriate theme (Options->Themes) or customising the Spell Particles through Options->Colours
  • Ensure your viewer’s Draw Distance is set to the distance which you wish to travel and ensure Camera Constraints are disabled in the viewer


  • Ensure your draw distance is set to at least the distance of the avatar being watched (as shown on the HUD’s radar)
  • Change draw distance by going to Edit->Preferences->Graphics, tick the “Custom” checkbox and adjust the “Draw Distance” slider
  • Ensure that Camera Constraints are disabled (Control-Shift-Alt-D to enable Advanced menu, then Advanced->Disable Camera Constraints)


If SpellFire support is enabled and you cast the Air spell on another avatar, it will give them an object they need to rez in order to keep the air levels of their SpellFire meter up.  When you cast the Air spell on yourself, no additional object is needed.


The Rez feature on the Utility tab allows you to conjure a variety of rezzable objects from the HUD, which will phase magickally into existence.

Objects created with the Rez feature will not disappear when you use the dispell command and can only be removed by you manually deleting them or using the DeRez or DeRezAll commands from the Utility tab

Add your own rezzable objects to the HUD as follows:

  • Click the GetScripts button on the Utility tab to receive scripts to add to your objects
  • Prepare the object to interface with the HUD when rezzed.  This is optional if your object is “no modify” but will greatly increase the likelihood of it appearing correctly:
    • Rez the object you wish to add
    • Right click and select Edit then use the red/green/blue arrows on the object to position it where you want it to appear relative to you when rezzed
    • Add the character “#” to the beginning of the object’s name in Edit->General (all rezzable objects added to the HUD must begin with a “#” – e.g. “#Chair”)
      • Drag one of the following scripts from your inventory into the Content tab of the Edit window:
      • EmpowerRezInterfaceFX – this script will cause your object to “fade” into existence like the supplied objects do.  May not work with objects that contain a large number of prims.  If you receive a script error, use:
      • EmpowerRezInterfaceNoFX – this script will simply position the object appropriately when rezzed, without the “fade” effect.  Use in objects with a large number of prims
      • Remember that when rezzed, the object will appear in the same position it was relative to you at the time one of the above scripts was added to it, so position it carefully before adding one of the above scripts
    • Take the object back into inventory.  If you used the “EmpowerRezInterfaceFX” script, the object will have become transparent when the script was added.  Use “View Transparent” to see where it is if you have closed the Edit window after adding the script (Control-Alt-T)
    • Your object is now ready to add to the HUD
  • If the above steps did not work, you can still add your object to the HUD, but will need to at least rename it to begin with a “#”
  • Click the AddObject button on the Utility tab.  A vortex will appear, for you to add your object
  • Left click on the object in your inventory (name must begin with a #), hold down the Control button and drag it onto the vortex
  • Alternatively, you can right click the vortex, select the Content tab in the Edit window and drag your object from inventory into the Content tab
  • The Vortex will report the success or failure of your object addition (it checks that the name complies with certain conditions needed for it to work with the HUD)
  • You can now left click the vortex or hit the DISPELL button to remove it (it will also auto-dispell if you move 20m away from it)
  • Your object should now appear in the rezzables menu when you click the Rez button!


The SendDialog command sends a dialog box notice to the specified target.  The parameters of the dialog can be configured using “/5 dialog” (where /5 is your casting channel – may be another number if you have customised your HUD)

The dialog command takes the following parameters:

  • /5 dialog msg MESSAGE TO SEND TO TARGET  (defaults to I would like to speak with you.  Please reply by IM.)
  • /5 dialog chan CHANNEL (defaults to -99999999)
  • /5 dialog buttons BUTTON1 BUTTON2 … (defaults to OK)
  • /5 dialog name NAME TO USE IN DIALOG MESSAGE (defaults to Dialog Prompter)
  • /5 dialog reset  (resets all above parameters to the listed defaults)