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Mana Mode and Mana Requirements

Some roleplay sims require that spell casting consumes a form of magickal energy called Mana.  The Empower HUD has an optional Mana mode which can be activated by ticking the “Mana” checkbox on the Wand tab.  Ticking this checkbox will result in an additional display appearing at the bottom of the HUD, showing the amount of Mana available.  If you are wearing an Empower v4/v5 compatible Wand or Staff, or the “Empower Particle Relay – With Mana”, it will also display the available Mana.  Please refer to the GM for your sim to determine Mana compatibility requirements.  Some require a visible casting implement, such as a wand or staff which “channels” the Mana, others associate Mana with the individual.

In general, spells consume 10 Mana points each time they are cast (exceptions are listed below) and consume 10 Mana points for every 5 seconds that the spell is active.  Mana is replenished at the rate of 5 mana points every 10 seconds.

You can configure the Mana replenishment rate via two settings available under Options->Advanced:

  • ManaFreq: This is the frequency (in seconds) at which Mana is replenished.  Defaults to every 10 seconds
  • ManaInc: This is the amount of Mana to be replenished at the frequency determined above.  Defaults to 10 Mana points

Certain spells, due to their power, will consume more than the default of 10 mana points:

Spell Mana Consumption
Blast 50
Burn 50
Carnage 50
Detonate 75
Exile 50
Fireball 50
Hellfire 20
Judgment 20
LightningBall 50
Megiddo 20
Plasma 50
Smite 50
Spider 50
Tornado 50
VampBat 50
Waterball 50
Wraith 50
Zap 50

Mouselook weaponry consumes Mana based on the Combat system compatibility and amount of damage selected under Options->Combat as described in the following table:

Combat System Mana per shot
None 5
Safezone 5
Linden Damage/2
MetaLife Damage/2
GM (Gor) Damage/2
Spell Fire Damage/5