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Wearing Your HUD

Pack Contents

Each Empower Magick pack contains the following:

  • The Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD
  • Empower Particle Relay (so the HUD can generate particle effects when you teleport and/or cast spells)
  • QuickStart instructions
  • A box of extras, including a copy of the EmpowerParticleRelay script (so you can make any item you can modify generate particles under HUD control)
  • A land spell relay and instructions on use (so you can cast land spells on group land or on other people’s land who choose to give you permission)

Wearing Your HUD

To activate the Empower Spell Casting System, simply wear the HUD along with any or all of the particle generators (Particle Relay, Ring or Wand).  If you wear the HUD without a particle relay, the HUD will offer you a selection to wear.

To wear an item, locate it in your inventory, right click and select “Wear”.

When you wear the HUD, you will receive some status messages as it is empowered, then brief instructions on how to use it.  This will be your word of power and casting channel for text commands and an instruction to click on the spell you wish to cast on the HUD.

To change the position of the HUD on your screen, right click it, select Edit and use the arrows to move it, or attach to a different HUD position by finding it in your inventory, Right Clicking, selecting Attach To HUD, then choosing your attachment point.

To resize the HUD, click the Settings button on the left page and select a HUDSize setting appropriate for your screen.

You are now ready to cast your spells!