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Updater Instructions

Your HUD will check for updates each time you wear it.  If one is available, it will be delivered to you and can be found in the Objects folder in your inventory.  Please read the Instructions notecard which is delivered with each updater to see what new features or fixes are included in the update.

As the Empower HUD is a copiable item, it is important that you apply updates to ALL copies of your HUD.  If you have multiple folders for your avatars, we recommend against saving copies of your HUD with each avatar/outfit, as it will significantly complicate keeping the HUD up to date.  You should also delete old updaters once a new one is delivered to you and only retain the most recent updater sent to you, to prevent confusion when finding the updater to apply.

To use the updater

  • Wear your HUD
  • Rez the updater on the ground near you, or wear it if you are in a “No Build” zone
  • Touch the updater to activate it
  • Your HUD will become invisible during the update process (don’t worry, it’s still there)
  • You will see a beam of coloured particles streaming to you as the spells are loaded into your HUD
  • Once complete, the updater will report its completion and automatically delete itself whilst the HUD finishes resetting
  • It is important that you do not detach the HUD until you receive the message: “Empower spell casting system active.”.
  • After you receive this message, please wait 10 seconds, detach your Empower HUD, wait 30 seconds more and re-attach (wear) to ensure SL saves the changes in your inventory
  • If for any reason the changes to your HUD were not saved, you will know as another update will be sent through to you.  If this happens, please repeat the update process and wait longer between detaching/reattaching your HUD


  • If you are applying multiple updaters to bring your HUD up to a current version, please wait for each update to fully complete before commencing the next update.
  • After updating the HUD, wait for the “Empower spell casting system active” message before detaching.  This may take some time after empowering
  • If you do detach your HUD too soon or crash during update and the buttons do not re-enable when attaching, activate the updater again to fix the HUD
  • Only activate one updater at a time
  • You may wish to make a copy of your Empower devices before using the updater, in case of problems.  If so, please delete the old copy after you are comfortable that the update has successfully completed, to avoid wearing old HUDs
  • If you have customised the Particle notecards or the HUDConfig notecard, you will need to take a copy of the existing one before running the updater, as it can and will overwrite your existing copy.
  • If you have multiple copies of the HUD (e.g. one for each avatar you use) please update all of them at once to keep them up to date.  Note that we recommend against keeping multiple copies, as it significantly complicates the update process for you
  • DO NOT walk away from the HUD, teleport, log off or cross sim boundaries until the update is complete or YOU MAY DESTROY YOUR HUD.  If this happens, pull out the original copy you bought and go through the process of applying all updates sent by the updater until you are up to date, or teleport to one of our stores (see Troubleshooting) and request redelivery of the HUD if you bought it through one of our vendors in-world
  • Ensure you are on land where your objects will not get returned to you.  If the updater returns during the update YOU MAY DESTROY YOUR HUD
  • Ensure you are on land where you can run scripts.  If on group land, activate the correct group before wearing the HUD or the updater won’t run