Released – Empower Magick v4.0 HUD

v4.0 of the Empower Magick Spellcasting HUD has been released and is available on XStreetSL or through our vendors.

The new HUD boasts the following features:

  • Configurable Themes (Skins) with the ability to define your own
  • TP Effects enhanced by prim props and separate particle effects
  • Faster interface rez times, including when switching tabs
  • Smaller screen footprint (takes up less space)
  • Configurable Favourites tab, which allows you to store your favourite spells in one easy to access place to avoid switching tabs
  • AVTracker capabilities to show who is online/offline
  • Configurable display zones for Radar/AVTracker info
  • Simpler configuration through a Tools icon, replacing the Settings menu with a heirarchy of preconfigured options
  • Built in support for the Empower Wands (no extra wand HUD needed)
  • Improved spellcasting effects, including DispellFX and configurable spellcasting messages
  • Improved spells (Launch, Flame, Burn, JumpCam, Dash, Carnage, Fury, )
  • New spells (Forest, Volcano, Weather spells)
  • and much much more…

Due to the scale of changes in this upgrade, it requires a completely new HUD to be issues to existing customers.  This will happen over the coming days/weeks.



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