Empower Update – Rev 2009092601

Welcome to the September update for the Empower Magick HUD!

This month’s update introduces additions and updates to spells, casting animations and casting sounds.  Some spells have moved to more logical tabs and compatibility with the Emerald client’s radar feature has been added – no need for Empower scanners to see who is where in the sim when using the Emerald client.  The documentation for the HUD has now been moved to a website.  See

Please read the Change History below for full details.
Change History:
Rev 2009092601
NEW                 Support for Emerald Radar (no Empower scanners needed if using the Emerald client)
The emerald client can be downloaded from
NEW                 Added a button on the Travel tab to activate the dash without triple tapping the movement keys.  Click the button and move to dash.
NEW                 Bless spell – call down blessings upon the selected avatar – stamina and health increase on nearby SpellFire meters
NEW                 Demon spell – dark version of Wisp.  Available from Assist or Dark tabs on the HUD
NEW                 Spellcasting animations for right handed wand users – WandPointRight, WandRaiseRight, WandWaveRight
NEW                 Spellcasting sounds – MysticChord, WitchCackle, FemaleLorum, MaleLorum, FairIsFoul, DarkIncant, DarkChant
Click the Options tab then the Spellcasting button to try the new animations and sounds
NEW                 Documentation is now available on the web site:
UPDATED         Wisp spell now takes a stationary position in front of the target instead of flitting around them
UPDATED         Added Offset option for Shield, DarkShield and MerShield – use to position yourself outside a sim to get rid of a follower object/spell
UPDATED         Improved Dash behaviour when on the ground.  You’ll now stay on ground if that’s where you started – no more flailing through the air
UPDATED         Spells moved between tabs to reflect spells available in non-Deluxe spell packs
Shield moved to Attack tab
Protect, Ward moved to Push tab
Greet, Farewell moved to Visual tab
Bat, Bug, Butterfly, Dragon, Fish, Flea moved to Elemental tab
Elemental tab renamed to Nature
UPDATED         Reduced sim resources used by Empower scanners
UPDATED         Changed the update logic to handle modular spell packs – no impact on Deluxe users
UPDATED         Updaters will be colour coded going forward.  This month is green in recognition of the Emerald viewer support

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