Empower Update – Rev 2009100301

Welcome to the Halloween  update for the Empower Magick HUD!

This is a special update which introduces Halloween specific spells to coincide with the release of an Empower Halloween HUD.  All the spells in the Halloween HUD are available to you as a Deluxe user, but feel free to point your friends to the Halloween HUD, which has a subset of spells and a reduced price to match.

Please read the Change History below for full details of the new spells.

Change History:
Rev 2009100301

NEW: PumpkinHead spell – give the specified avatar a pumpkin for a head (Attack tab)

NEW: PumpkinPile spell – surround the specified avatar in a pile of pumpkins (pumpkin cage spell – Push tab)

NEW:  Cat spell Рsummon a circle of cats to serenade the specified avatar (Nature tab)

NEW: Haunt spell – summon restless moaning spirits around the specified avatar (Visual tab)

NEW: JoLSpeak spell – Jack o’Lantern themed version of the Bespeak spell (Assist tab)

NEW: JackoLantern spell – Jack o’Lantern themed version of the Wisp spell (Assist tab)

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