Empower Update – Rev 2010101001

This update is dedicated to the memory of Patsennarion Sweetwater.  Many of the features of the Empower HUD were inspired by Pat and she will be missed greatly.

Welcome to the third quarterly update to your Empower Magick HUD for 2010!

Please note that this update includes significant changes to the Particle Relays.

When you rez this updater, you will receive a folder containing new Particle Relays and extras.  Please wear the new Particle Relay appropriate to you when using the updated HUD.  Please also read the instructions below to understand what’s changed and what steps you may wish to take to update your particle effects.

For those of you who use the Land Spell Relay, a new version of it is also included in the folder sent to you by the updater, to support the AddBan/DelBan spells which have been added with this update.  Again, full details are below.

Apart from that, it’s the usual improvements, new spells and new features, the biggest of which is an optional Mana capability and increased support for themed spells, particularly the Dark theme, with Halloween coming.  Full details on all the changes follow the update instructions.

If you own an Empower Wand, or an Empower Compatible Staff, you should receive an updated version supporting the new particle relay and Mana mode within the next week.  If you need it more urgently or have not received an updated version within a week of this announcement, please IM me.

The updater will appear in your Objects folder.  Please locate it, rez it on the ground, make sure you are wearing your Empower HUD and then left click the Updater to activate it.

If you purchased your HUD in-world and prefer to have a fresh package delivered to you, rather than update your existing HUD, you can use the redelivery terminal located just inside the entrance to our main store:

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