Empower Update – Rev 2010122501

Greetings Empowered Folk and welcome to the December 2010 update for your spellcasting HUD!

This update contains a variety of new and improved spells and should be quick to apply.  Details about what’s in it are below the update instructions – try the changes out – I hope you enjoy them and have a safe and happy holiday season!

Blackdog Ashbourne

The updater will appear in your Objects folder.  Please locate it, rez it on the ground, make sure you are wearing your Empower HUD and then left click the Updater to activate it.

If you purchased your HUD in-world and prefer to have a fresh package delivered to you, rather than update your existing HUD, you can use the redelivery terminal located just inside the entrance to our main store:

If you are applying multiple updaters to bring your HUD up to a current version, please wait for each update to fully complete before commencing the next update.

Your HUD will become transparent during the update.  It is important that you do not detach it until you receive the message:
“Empowerment complete.  Empower v4.0 HUD is now active.”

If you have multiple copies of your HUD, you will need to apply the update to each.  We recommend keeping only one copy of your HUD (and a backup) to simplify updates

Once the update is complete, please wait 10 seconds (long enough for all the messages produced during the update to disappear from your screen), detach your HUD, wait 30 seconds more, then reattach it, to ensure SL “saves” the changes.

During the update, DO NOT walk away from the updater, DO NOT teleport, DO NOT log off and DO NOT cross sim boundaries until the update is complete or YOU MAY DESTROY YOUR HUD.
Ensure you are on land where your objects will not get returned to you.  If the updater returns during the update YOU MAY DESTROY YOUR HUD
Ensure you are on land where you can run scripts.  If on group land, activate the correct group BEFORE wearing the HUD and rezzing the updater, or the updater won’t run
Should your update fail for any reason, including the above, simply detach and reattach your HUD.  The HUD will recover from the failed update, but you should, as quickly as possible, remedy the problem which caused the update to fail, then re-apply the update, as the HUD may do strange things with half an update applied.

What’s in this update?
1. New entries under Settings menu (Tools icon next to STOP button or Options->Settings)
– CastingFX->Beseech, inspired by “Our Lady of Witches”
– Two new TPFX: TPFX->Flare and TPFX->DarkFlare – available under Settings->TPFX (Click the “Tools” icon next to the STOP button)

2. New and changed spells
Visual tab:
– Glow spell: Uses different colours and sounds based on the Theme you have selected and provides an “in-flight” colour and sound selection menu
– Fog spell: Uses different colours based on the Theme you have selected and provides an “in-flight” colour selection menu

Attack tab:
– New spell
Megiddo –   Generate exploding lava balls and an expanding wave of power that will repel avatars and physical objects
– Egg spell: Uses different textures based on the Theme you have selected
– Warn spell: Improved sounds and particles, which are now Theme dependent

Push tab:
– New spell
Electro –   Cast lightning bolts at your target, with push effect when within 10m
– Pulse spell: Repels physical objects which impact the pulse wave, not just avatars
– Throw spell: Added particles and sounds (theme dependent)

Assist tab:
– New spells:
Orb –   Summon an orb of light in front of the specified avatar
Resurrect   –   Revive dead avatars under Spell Fire, with a burst of particles
– Heal spell: Improved particle effects
– Demon spell: Uses different colours based on the Theme you have selected, resizes based on rez distance and provides an “in-flight” colour selection menu
– Wisp spell: Uses different colours based on the Theme you have selected, resizes based on rez distance and provides an “in-flight” colour selection menu

Travel tab:
– New spells:
Carpet  –   Summon a flying carpet to convey you and your passengers
FwdTP   –   TP 5m (or a distance you specify on the command line) forward – useful for roleplaying your way through walls or across sim boundaries
– Three new teleporters under Travel->TPType tab – “FaeVortex”, “Vortex” and “DarkVortex”
– Rearranged the Travel tab (moved Dash around to make room for new spells)

Land tab:
– AddBan spell: Will now perform a SendHome on the target before banning them

3. Improvements and bug fixes
– “Blast” Ammo (Settings->Weaponry->Blast) now generates a lightning effect on impact
– Glitter particles updated to fully surround the avatar rather than just an upper hemisphere
– Improved HUD radar integration with Phoenix.  Avatars in sim weren’t registering when you TP in
– Set HUD components to Full Bright, as some viewers (incl Imprudence) will apply environmental light settings to HUDs
– Fixed a problem with the Forbid/Permit spells (Permit was not working)

The following two changes were reported as being part of the previous update, but were accidentally omitted.  They are restored in this update:
– Changed ending particle colour for “Orange” option on Wand Colour tab
– Added “Next>>” and “Start>>” buttons under Options->CastingFX->Particles1/2/3

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